Vintage Life


Check out this vintage dining set Hydra and I saw at Antique Asylum in Palmdale.  He called me over to make sure I didn’t miss it.  This is in amazing shape.  They want $895.00 for it.

We had a table a lot like this when I was a kid, except it was yellow Formica.  Mom sewed a playhouse that fit over it… Like a table cloth that went all the way to the floor with a door in it and a window, with flowers growing along the walls, if I recall right.  It was such a smart way to make a play space that felt really secret right in the middle of the dining area.


Detail of the pattern on the chair.  Looks almost brand new.


Flashback to one of the many happy Christmas cookie making parties that table (and my mom) hosted.  All these kids are cousins from my Dad’s side of the family, plus my friend Anna, whom I have my arm around.  (That’s me in the back with the big grin.)

There is a plan afoot to make cookies with the grand-nephews on my upcoming visit home. Same feeling, different table.

This time I vow not to use so many of those hard silver candy balls.


4 thoughts on “Vintage Life

  1. kitwocky says:

    I love these old vintage formica dining sets. I was cruising CraigsList and vintage stores up here for months looking for one when we moved. Found some fun ones but just couldn’t find the right one. Turns out, it was in Palmdale!! That’s a great one. Ended up going with Eames chairs and a tulip table. And for your record, your mom rocks!

    • Sundry says:

      It’s too bad you didn’t see these. Seriously, they are in perfect condition, as far as I could see. Ours was a hardworking table, on the other hand.

      I know, sometimes I start talking about stuff my mom did for us, like hosting these super-messy parties and making cool stuff for us, and I wonder if I sound like I’m making it up.

      My older brothers and sister had a TRAPEZE in their bedroom in the old house. I mean, really!

      • kitwocky says:

        So cool. Doesn’t sound made up, sounds fabulous. And you have the photos to prove it, anyway! What I love even more (and which makes sense the more I learn of your younger years) is how close you are to this day. Lovely.

      • Sundry says:

        You are building the same type of relationship; I am sure of it.

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