Ego Mining


Since they call it ego surfing when you Google yourself, I figure that going back through Mom’s box of memories and pulling out stuff that makes me look cute must be ego mining.

We decided because of the principal’s name that’s mentioned in this that it must be from third grade…possibly fourth if I was still holding a grudge against Mr. Stricker.  Here’s the text in more legible form:

1. I would be (inserted: am) happy if – but I’d love a pony.
2. What I like most is — horse back riding, & making friends.
3. School is okay except for — too much home work & math.
4. His mother always — hit him.
5. I am not afraid of anything except — things that might be behind me in the dark & noisy places & crowds where people don’t realize you’re alive.
6. My hobby is — stamp & horse statue collection. Also a friend collection.
7. If I could only — go with Annette on horse back away in a wilderness & live off the land for a spring & summer.
8. What makes me maddest is — me & also people who show off.
9. His father always — liked him.
10. When I grow up I would like most of all to — be a steeple chaser. (I think)
11. I would never — kill a person.
12. I would do anything if — it seemed okay & right, so it doesn’t hurt anyone.
13. What children need most is –  love. & attention.
14. If my teachers would only — realize that every-one of the students is a human being.
15. I don’t like — Math & Mr. Stricker. [Mr. Stricker was the principal.]
16. At home if I could only — forget  quit housework for mom and everyone.
17. His father and mother sometimes — fight about him. [Clearly, he has issues.]
18. What I need most is — love and attention. (food & water)
19. The thing(s) that I think of most is — are school & friends.
20. What hurt(s) me most was — is not having people listen to me and the dog doesn’t like me as much as Peg.
21. I can’t seem to forget about –bad dreams.
22. If my mother would only — not get disgusted as easy.
23. If my father would only — think a little before he acts or talks.
24. I am most interested in – horses & friends.
25. If I could do anything I wanted I would — do the same thing as #7 (& have a horse shed and five acres).
26. Most people — take someone in their lives for granted.
27. Other children always seem to — tease the not-so-well-off kids too much.

Looking at these questions, I have to wonder if they were trying to get at something.  Wonder what they made of the difference between me and the fictional “him.”


Because I read horse magazines and was a member of W.H.O.A. I wrote letters to California legislators against pollution and against the inhumane use of horses in film and television.


I wrote a book about an inner city kid that was probably all drawn from some misbegotten movie of the week.  The binding is suspiciously like my mother’s copy of The Flag, a faux magazine she wrote when she was in high school. I did one called People Weakly in high school. No one seemed to get it.


I am pretty sure that in the movie the kid didn’t have a grandma in the country with lots of animals and a horse that he could ride, but it seemed like a better editorial choice at the time.  I wish I could still draw chickens this well.


5 thoughts on “Ego Mining

  1. RuthG says:

    This is great stuff, Sally!

  2. kitty says:

    This kid was always thinking!—and writing! I love this stuff, glad I kept some of it.

  3. markrhunter says:

    Mr. Stricker … an image of sunglasses just flashed into my mind. I don’t remember him at all until high school, though.

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