Boy Toys – Kitty Delivery


The second kitty arrived in Indiana as nothing more than a pair of socks and some embroidery floss.  Here he is shortly after completion, with his brother, on Kitty’s washing machine.  The extra cool thing about the blue one is that his grandma and great grandma each sewed one of his front legs while we sat around the kitchen table.

When the family was at Kitty’s on Christmas Eve day, I gave the kittens to their boys unwrapped.  Wanted to just let them have some fun with them.  Kitty madness ensued!


Don’t worry about keeping the arms and legs on, just play!


Action kitty!


B-Lite and Cockeyed Cat, happily renamed Purple.


G-Lite and Stripey.


The boys circled the room at least three times, letting the kitties eat imaginary food out of everyone’s hands. B-Light ate like a kitty too.

After a while B-Lite came over to where I was sitting on the floor, put Purple on my knees and asked, quite solemnly, “Can I take this home with me?”

“Yes, that’s for you!” Ha, I hadn’t considered that they wouldn’t understand that.

B-Lite’s face just lit up!  Happy surprise.

G-Lite ran over to me and presented Stripey. “Can I have this one I hope!?”

As you can see from the photo above, taken by KFlight, they were glad the answer was yes.  I would be smiling except I was kind of crying. These are some lovable kids and the kitties couldn’t have a better home.


One thought on “Boy Toys – Kitty Delivery

  1. You couldn’t have given these kids better gifts. I have no doubt that the kitties will be their favorites for a long, long time to come.

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