Christmas Snow Angels


I have lots of fun family photos from Christmas Day, but I think the ones I have of our walk around sunset are the most blog-worthy. It was quiiiiite cold for this SoCal transplant. I grew up in Northern Indiana, but my blood has thinned considerably since then.


B-Lite can spell his own name.  He is rockin’ kindergarten.


It didn’t dawn on me until later that we were in the parking lot of Columbia City’s old Peabody Library. I remember the first time I went upstairs to the adult section rather than down the curving steps to the children’s section to select my books. It was like a rite of passage to sit in the reading room with its rich wood trim and big fireplace.

As much as I miss it, I have to admit that the new library on the outskirts of town is a real boon to the community. I’ve seen several presentations in the auditorium there and the views from its big picture windows are lovely.

DSC_4654Did you notice the stick lines in the previous  shot. Made by this boy and his brother.


Playing on a big snow pile.  Great Aunt Sundry is seriously shivering by this point.


As promised, snow angels in the making.


It’s hard to stop once you get going!

DSC_4679 Finished product!


One thought on “Christmas Snow Angels

  1. kitty says:

    This will be one of their favorite memories! So thrilled with the snow…

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