If You Build It…


Hydra built this cairn on the top of the hill that we call Sundry’s Mountain.  It’s on the opposite side of the neighborhood from us and up high and, yes, this is a telephoto shot. It was taken from our driveway.

Over the weekend a large conspiracy of ravens showed up and started playing with it.  We’ve seen the local ravens playing with yucca stalks on the hillside before. It’s fairly rare to see more than two or four ravens together, but sometimes we see big groups playing in the updrafts along the hilltops.


On a windy day, they’ll take turns trying to hold it with their beaks so they kind of hover, but they’re grounded by the stalk.  That’s what’s going on in this shot.  The bird isn’t sitting on the stalk, she’s holding onto it.


3 thoughts on “If You Build It…

  1. kitty says:

    How neat! You two seem to have a special relationship with ravens. Concerning the phrase, “conspiracy of ravens.” Is that along the line of “a gaggle of geese” or is it a brainchild of yours?

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