Visit to The Last Bookstore


Don’t panic!  Not really the only remaining bookstore.  It’s a really cool bookstore in downtown Los Angeles called The Last Bookstore and it’s also a venue for music and readings, and there are artists’ studios and shops on the mezzanine. Wow.  We visited on Saturday.

It’s in the Spring Arts Tower, which I didn’t realize was as cool as it is until I Googled to write this post.   Check out this video about The Spring Arts Tower.  A restaurant on the 9th floor!?  What!?


The obligatory shot from the second floor balcony.  Stage platform on the bottom left. Artist’s shop above it.


It’s housed in an old bank building, complete with vaults, some of which you can enter.


On the way up to the labyrinth.  Translation: Our Lady the Queen of The Last Bookstore of Los Angeles.


Enter at your own risk.  Beyond this area is a section of $1.00 each used books, sometimes organized by spine color.


There’s cool artwork hiding in many nooks and corners, so it’s fun to just walk around and experience the store as well as to search for books.


Real working fire extinguisher.  Why not?


Tunnel made from books. There are several book sculptures around the store.  Simultaneously wonderful and mildly horrifying to a bibliophile.

I bought a graphic novel, a graphic non-fiction book and a couple of blues CDs.  Sweet!


7 thoughts on “Visit to The Last Bookstore

  1. Sandy says:

    Sally, this is the old Bank of America building. I worked at 433 S. Spring during the 60’s, Alexandria Hotel is on the South West Corner, had a great Bar & Grill.

  2. Las Weezas says:

    That place looks really great. You and Hydra sure know the places to go !

  3. markrhunter says:

    That’s so awesome!

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