Andrea Bogdan – Downtown L.A. Artist


After poking around the book stacks of The Last Bookstore last weekend, I discovered the artists’s shops/studios on the mezzanine level. So cool!

This is Andrea Bogdan at work, transforming a frame into a work of art in itself. She told me she wasn’t sure what she was going to do with it until a visitor to the studio suggested that she use it to frame a mirror.

I very much enjoyed chatting with her.  It made me want to visit the arts district during the monthly Downtown Artwalk which is held the second Thursday of every month. Click here for info on visiting.

Note the big windows. They over look a bustling downtown Los Angeles Street… I think Spring Street.   Wow, does this excite anyone else’s artist fantasies?

She posts her work in progress on Instagram (how cool is that?)  I’m looking forward to seeing how the mirror frame turns out. She also maintains her own site with more images. For that, click here.

P1000249The Leap by Andrea Bogdan

I just… I really like this.  So happy and free.


Here’s what the tag for the painting above says, in case you can’t make it out: “‘The Leap’ Here’s a person who is taking a chance long over due. His friend on the right says, ‘I knew you could do it!’ His friend on the left says, ‘Whaaa!?'”


Ooh!  Some of those cool images on a dresser!


Coffee and conversation would have to be inspired by this table.  I cannot say how much I love this.  (Or how many tables I already have in my house.)


Andrea does mobiles too.  This was taken from her window.

Next post will be more art I encountered downtown, both inside the Spring Arts Tower and on the street.


4 thoughts on “Andrea Bogdan – Downtown L.A. Artist

  1. Timothy Wilkins says:

    Thanks so much for sharing this! The artist’s spaces above The Last Bookstore are really amazing.

  2. Timothy Wilkins says:

    Yes I went to Last Bookstore for Open Mic night and ended up wandering around in the $1 section of books upstairs. Luckily I circled through the back and found the artists studios hidden away. Can’t believe I never went up there before! Andrea Bogdan is my favorite artist there, but I also like Liz next door. Liz’s stuff is more gothic reminds me of Penny Dreadful.

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