Walls & Walks – Street Art


I wonder if anyone is keeping track of these amazing terrazzo inlays in downtown L.A.  This is outside the Starbucks on 6th & Spring.  There are a number of these that seem to sprout from abused doorways.  They always make me wonder what the shops behind them were like when they were installed. It would be great if L.A. cleaned its sidewalks like Paris does.

OneL and I visited Clifton’s Cafeteria in 2009 and I took some shots of the detailed terrazzo images in front of it, that you can see here if you want. I hope they reopen soon and haven’t changed it too much.


Some more street art from last week’s trip to downtown Los Angeles.  Red banana-suit person.  I think this was on Broadway.


Also on Broadway…or Spring?  The paint is starting to shred and peel, which gives this a 3-dimensional quality when seen from up close.


This woman is looking back at the man in the previous photo.  At first I thought the sunlight would ruin the shot, but now I kind of like the effect.

P1000274Some one made this little arrangement of fallen camillia blossoms in the verge between the sidewalk and the road. This is in Toluca Lake, not downtown L.A., but I thought it was very friendly.


And this one.  There was also just one blossom against the base of the next tree.

Thanks, person.  That was nice.


4 thoughts on “Walls & Walks – Street Art

  1. avianstudent says:

    These are great pictures – very cool art, too!

  2. Sundry says:

    Thanks, avianstudent! I am loving your blog especially lately.

  3. joan says:

    Yes! Great pictures —plus your accompanying comments are very appreciated too!

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