Happy Valentine’s Day from the Fifties


This is the Valentine’s Day card you are not receiving from me in the mail.

Just another stop on my sliding goal of getting out an annual greeting card of some kind this winter. At least this time I managed to make the cards. But I didn’t have envelopes the right size, and one thing and another came up, and…

Anyway, I distributed these around the office.  Which is more like the days when this was really fun, when we kids made mailboxes in second grade and walked around delivering them to everyone else in the class.

This is a scan of a Valentine’s Day greeting from the fifties. It’s from a couple of boxes of paper ephemera LDub and I bought at an estate sale on a small avocado and orange ranch outside of Fillmore last summer.  There is a whole amazing story brewing about that. Not sure how to approach it.  Maybe it’ll be the next writing project I tackle.



2 thoughts on “Happy Valentine’s Day from the Fifties

  1. I love vintage Valentines! I wrote a little piece about them years ago. http://treacycolbert.wordpress.com/2012/02/06/of-homework-and-valentines/

  2. markrhunter says:

    Wow — that’s even older than us!

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