It Feels So Wrightwood




Gotta love a town where they don’t cut down a tree just because you want to drive this way.

Drove up to Wrightwood on Sunday afternoon. It’s been a while since we took a scenic drive, and even longer since we took one to little old Wrightwood.  Normally at this time of year weekends would be out of the question because of all the snow sport traffic for the slopes.  All that’s up there right now are strips of man made snow.

Maybe they’ll get some this week.  The forecast is cautiously hopeful.


Water conservation in action.  They used the ice from the buffet at Mexico Lindo & Seafood Restaurant to water the potted plants.


Vibrant mural on the wall inside Mexico Lindo.


One thought on “It Feels So Wrightwood

  1. Las Weezas says:

    Wrightwood looks like a great place ! Love that mural !

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