In the Wet


We went out to run some errands on this rainy Saturday.  These trees really enhance a rather unlovely part of San Fernando Valley.  (For water history buffs, that white line down the mountain to the left of the picture is where water from the Owens Valley enters the San Fernando Valley via the Los Angeles Aqueduct…100 years old this year.)

Hydra was reminded of the Rolf Harris song, “In the Wet.”  Of course, he was!


Early blossoms, washed clean.


We have often admired this fabulous barn on our drive along Sierra Highway. Today the colors were popping and we had to stop.


I was all focused on the barn until Hydra pointed out this fellow sitting on the peak.


The raven to the right flew over to the peak, but didn’t stay long.


The raven busied itself pulling grass out of the ground.  “Just building a nest. Not challenging anyone’s authority here.  Nothing to see.”


I believe that this is considered part of the headwaters of the Santa Clara River.  You can see one of the roofs of Blum Ranch to the left. This is a dry or underground stream most of the year(s).


Temporary stream bed where it intersects with Aliso Canyon Road. Our Tahoe on the right.  There were some people out hiking further down the stream bed. It would have been fun to get out there, too, but it started raining pretty hard and we weren’t in rain gear at all.


One thought on “In the Wet

  1. seabluelee says:

    Love your photos! It’s like a visit “back at the ranch.”

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