Thank Your Classmates



This notice was up at the Acton/Agua Dulce Library today.  And on such a beautiful day, too.


3 thoughts on “Thank Your Classmates

  1. kitty says:

    Awwww….. I hope this does some good. So too bad.

  2. seabluelee says:

    Oh, no, that’s awful! I hope they’re able to clean it off.

    • Sundry says:

      Yes. I couldn’t see what it was, or how extensive. I think it was a smart note, though. The library’s not the bad guy.

      I didn’t even know the patio was open! My mother and I went to the library very soon after it opened, and went out onto the patio only to find that the door locked behind us and we had to bang in the window to be let back in. Red faced, for sure! 😀

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