From Both Sides Now


It was one of those days when the clouds kept catching my eye.  Coming home from aqua aerobics this morning, they were hanging above Hydra’s mountain on the drive up to our neighborhood. That’s about as green as we are likely to see our hills this year.


Looking back toward the Angeles National Forest from the drive.


The sky continued to be amazing as the sun went down and we were out in Palmdale running errands. Couldn’t really get any shots with the little Lumix that captured it.

I think we need a bumper sticker that says “I brake for photo ops.”



A raven flew up while we were stopped along Tierra Subida to take photos. I thought about cropping out all the lines, but it is what it is.


I like the way the light blurred a little in this shot as we crossed over the California Aqueduct heading toward the reservoir. Yes, Hydra was driving. He’s great about pulling over, or even going back for shots!

6 thoughts on “From Both Sides Now

  1. These are glorious! You captured these moments beautifully.

  2. Las Weezas says:

    I love clouds and sky changes. And sunsets, and sunrises. Beautiful shots!

  3. Sandy says:

    amazing what else can I say

  4. kitty says:

    Thanks, Hydra, for being so supportive of her photography! How frustrating it would be if you weren’t willing to stop for these fantastic shots!

  5. torty2010 says:

    Hey Sally – I’m going to be part of an installation/exhibition celebrating Llano del Rio at Llano del Rio on Sat May 3 – 1-7pm or so – Hope you’ll be able to come! Xoxo Judy

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