People Watching at the Getty


I tend to edit people out of my photos of places, or to avoid taking photos of people I don’t know.  Lately, I’ve been following some street photography blogs and I like what I see.

On my way home from LDub’s on Sunday–okay, actually an hour out of my way–I went to the Getty Center.  It was a glorious day. Not too hot or cool.  Lots of people out enjoying the weather, the surroundings, and each other.

This is some of what I saw, other than Jackson Pollack’s “Mural” and the Queen Victoria photography exhibit.  The Vermeer I went to see left a year ago on March 31st. Silly me. But wouldn’t it have been cool to see a Vermeer and a Pollack on the same day?


With his father.


With her boyfriend.


With her grandson.


Like me, comfortable with her ownself.


Somebody is paying attention.


The most interesting photos in the Queen Victoria exhibit, to me, were the Daguerreotypes in which the queen scratched off her own face because she didn’t like the image. She left a shot of her children around a headless gown. But photography was rare enough, I suppose, that she didn’t just toss the glass print.  If you click here you’ll see what I’m talking about, the second photo on the page.


These two had interesting footwear.

All in all, I enjoyed the people watching as much as anything. It made me think about the ways people use a museum visit. The Getty Center has small exhibits, which means you have a lot of time to wander around and appreciate the views and the people you came with or are simply sharing the space with.



2 thoughts on “People Watching at the Getty

  1. You have the most discerning eye, Sally! Great shots. The Getty needs to hire you to do their promo pieces. 🙂

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