Seriously Fresh Artwork by Ann Pickard



Bigfoot Minibike by (the fabulous) Ann Pickard.

Mine!  It’s all mine!! Can you believe it?

I can now add mini-patron of the arts to my resume. {dusts off shoulders self-importantly} I actually commissioned this drawing.

I fell in love with Ann Pickard‘s art work when I found links to it on my friend Jean Pickard’s Facebook page.  Ann has created a series on mustaches that is hilarious.

This series depicting the special friendship between Gretel and Bigfoot charmed me. The one of Gretel blow-drying Bigfoot (I think of him as Sass, short for Sasquatch) pushed me over the edge. I asked about buying a piece.  Ann suggested that I give her some ideas of things I’d like.

Well!  For days I mulled over what I would have done if I had a Bigfoot for a friend when I was a kid. Reading books in trees was right up there, but I told Ann that I rode around on a little frame mini-bike from age 12-16 with my dog on my lap. I would have gone riding with Sass. I would have been the driver.

A short time later, I received this terrific pen and ink original in the mail!  Wow! I was going to wait till I had it framed and hung before I posted a photo, but Ann was kind enough to send me this scan and I just couldn’t wait any longer.

Go check out Ann Pickard’s online gallery and get in on the ground floor. Well, okay, she’s a professional with a lot of credits under her belt, but check out the mustache drawings I was talking about.  Can’t you just see them as a book being sold by the cash register at Skylight Books, etc?


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