Little Robin Redbreast


Hydra spotted this cheery fellow outside the living room window today.  We don’t often see Robins up here. Always a sign of spring back home in Indiana.

Of course the nursery rhyme came to mind.


Little Robin Redbreast

By Anonymous

Little Robin Redbreast
    Sat upon a tree;
Up went Pussy-cat,
    Down went he.
Down came Pussy-cat,
    And away Robin ran;
Says little Robin Redbreast
    “Catch me if you can.”
Little Robin Redbreast
    Hopped upon a wall;
Pussy-cat jumped after him,
    And almost got a fall.
Little Robin chirped and sang,
    And what did Pussy say?
Pussy-cat said “Mew,”
    and Robin flew away.

4 thoughts on “Little Robin Redbreast

  1. Send him down to Long Beach, please. I’d love to see him. Great photo!

  2. kitty says:

    What a perfect picture! (At first I thought the poem was yours for NaPoWriMo!

  3. Sundry says:

    Ah, to write a classic!

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