Wasn’t That a Mighty Wind?


Yikes, the wind is blowing like mad at our place today. We heard a thump and when Hydra went out to investigate, he found this 10-foot piece of one of our pine trees had broken off.  (We are leaving the trash can on its side…no point in tempting fate any further.)



The piece came off of the tree up on the slope in the upper right hand corner of the shot.  This gives new meaning to planting a wind break!  That tree is taller than we realized.  We’re amazed it could withstand losing so much and still look pretty good.


The broken bough.


You know, if it’s not one thing, it’s another.  We were all set for our best apricot crop ever.  The blossoms survived heavy rain, late frost, etc..  Now about a third of the unripe fruit is on the ground.  The bunnies will feast this afternoon.


One thought on “Wasn’t That a Mighty Wind?

  1. kitty says:

    Oh! Too bad! So sorry you lost the branch AND all those apricots!

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