5 x 5 : Day One



My pal kitwocky invited me to a challenge on Facebook, and of course I had to bring it here.  Take 5 photos a day for 5 days that represent your life.

I started on Saturday. As many days begin, with a little writing. The notebook in front of the screen is from 1990…coincidentally, it ends about a week before I met kitwocky in English 10B at UCLA.  Momentous year in many ways.


I’ve been threatening to repaint the guest bathroom for a year. Kitty painted this for us when we moved in, in 2000. Due for an update.  Here it is, prepped and ready for a coat of primer.  I did get the primer on in about 2 hours. So glad that Hydra reminded me that using a roller is always worth the relative hassle of a little extra clean up!


The HOA pool opened today!  I took my new water weights down and did a half hour of vigorous exercises that I learned in my aqua aerobics class at the gym.  The water was perfect, and not as heavily chlorinated as it is at 24-Hour Fitness. Kids splashing around. I’ve hardly used the pool since we moved here, but I will get a lot of good out of it this year!P1010047

My good friend and excellent guitarist, Las Weezas, and I performing.  Probably “Breaking Up is Hard to Do,” since there are no bells on my fingers.  Yes, one of my favorite songs requires finger bells. 😀


Performer’s eye view as people get up for a snack break at the song circle. Hydra did great renditions of “Luckenbach, Texas” and “The Dutchman.” Always proud of him.


4 thoughts on “5 x 5 : Day One

  1. kitwocky says:

    Love it! Especially fond of your purple writing area. Heavenly.

  2. Alesia Abatie says:

    Love it!

  3. joan says:

    Looking forward to seeing what ‘s up in the next 4 days!!

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