5 x 5 : Day Two – Painting


It is hard to convince the tiny bunny that you are not out to get her when you have to walk right past her to get to the pruning shears in the shed.


This miniature rose tree is in dire need of dead-heading. This is job one.



Picked some of the apricots off the tree in the back yard. The wind that knocked bunches of them off probably did a pretty good job of culling them. They started growing a lot bigger right away.  I’m going to harvest about half of them soon in case the birds get greedy when they get really ripe.


We’re liking this color, right?  Right. Because this would be the moment to say something…

Okay, so it took about 2 hours to get the smallish guest bathroom painted.  Hmm. I love this color around the fireplace. It is not making my heart sing in here.  Hmm.

Maybe getting the new hardware up, and finding a shower curtain that will make it pop will help. Yikes!


I just started subscribing to this, and it arrived in time for me to read it.  Yeah, I read the one about it being a mistake not to wear a hat.  And I did wear a hat. Till I went back to do some touch ups, and then I dipped my hair in the paint. Thank goodness for water based paint, is all I can say!

Also, it said nothing about the danger of dropping a screw down the 1-inch diameter tube in the toilet tank.  What are the odds?  I had the lid off because I didn’t want it to stick to the possibly still tacky paint. Ah well.



2 thoughts on “5 x 5 : Day Two – Painting

  1. kitty says:

    Yes, I LIKE the paint color! My heart is singing as I type. Big OOPS about the screw! ouch.

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