5 x 5 : Day Three – There and Back Again


Okay, I’ll admit it. Every time I take the train to work, the Sheena Easton song, “My Baby Takes the Morning Train” plays in my head.  I love trains, especially when I get a table, like today. This is the view at the Via Princessa stop on the Antelope Valley Line of the Metrolink. It was still dark out when I left Vincent Grade/Acton.

I’d do this more often if it weren’t so expensive and time consuming.  Get these fares from Acton to Burbank (about 40 miles): One-Way: $11.25, Round Trip : $22.50, Monthly: $313.25.  It costs me a little under $12.00 in gas to drive a round trip, and takes about half the time, since taking the train also includes using a shuttle bus and walking about six blocks. I rode one-way today because Hydra’s going to pick me up for a doctor’s appointment that I want him to be there for.


I love my job. But, like Ben the Office Dog, I would really rather be playing outside on a gorgeous day like today.


Orthopedist appointment. Mine is the chart o the right.

Ever since an especially loud pop in my knee in November of 2012–wearing heels, not crazy ones and feeling really strong–I’ve had trouble with my right knee. It hurts more and less, but there’s a lot of fluid above it. A lot. I’ve had two cortizone shots and had the fluid aspirated. I’ve tried acupuncture, herbal supplements and ointments, proceeding as if nothing is wrong. A couple of days I have needed crutches to get around the house. It’s keeping me up nights at this point.

There are worse things in this life, I know, but it is curtailing my ability to hike and I haven’t done my beloved yoga in way too long. The doc says I may have lost full flexibility in that knee already, due to not being able to bend it fully for so long.

So I’m going to have arthroscopic surgery. There have been two series of sitting and standing x-rays, two MRIs, and physical therapy. It’s still not clear why the fluid keeps coming back, so the doc is going to go in and have a look. I don’t take this lightly. Even “simple” surgery freaks me out, but I really miss being able to hike and walk as much as I want to, and I hope this helps.


Whee!  We have a chance to use the new 14 North carpool lane at the junction with the 5.  It is a long one-lane bridge. You have to know to get onto it miles ahead of the ramp itself, and it feels intuitively wrong to move 10 lanes to the left for a right turn. Yay, Hydra’s driving!  I’m snapping pix!

I have always been a fan of big public works. Highways, dams (though those are often quite problematic), train stations, etc. They inspire a Frank Capra-esque thrill in me about our ability to come together to make something for the greater good.  I think it must be incredibly satisfying to the people who actually build these things to point at that and say, “I made that.” To remember what it was like to walk out there when it was all rebar and curing concrete first thing in the morning, or to sit and have lunch where the lane lines would later be painted.


One of the BEST Christmas gifts ever.  I have a feeling that I might have been twelve when I received this nesting tool set. All the screwdrivers fit into the handle of the hammer.  I loved it instantly and I still love it today. I think my folks let me use it to put a little slider lock on my bedroom door.  Great parents.

I used it today to mount the new brushed nickle switch plate and outlet plate in the guest bathroom.





8 thoughts on “5 x 5 : Day Three – There and Back Again

  1. seabluelee says:

    I’m sorry to hear about your knee. Sure hope the surgery does the trick, both for pain relief and getting your mobility back. I LOVE your nesting tool set. Wish I had one. That’s an awesome Christmas present for a young girl!

  2. kitwocky says:

    I was going to say exactly what seabluelee said above, so I’ll say ditto re: the knee and cool tool. And bummer about the train – shouldn’t the idea be to lure people out of cars?? Argh.

    • Sundry says:

      I think that a lot of people who use the train regularly are subsidized by their employers. I know that’s true for some of the Disney Channel and Warner Brothers people I have met on the shuttle.

  3. Dona Robinson says:

    Did they do away with the truck lane or is this located elsewhere?

  4. Sundry says:

    There’s still a truck lane, but it goes along the right side of each of the freeways (even underground on the 5 North I think). The carpool lane to the 14 is left of the old 5 carpool lane and is a brand new construction. I’d love to see an aerial shot of it, but I can’t easily find one online.

  5. kitty says:

    Well, we could already tell that you weren’t going to be a girl who sat back and let someone else do it. So you needed the tools. And boy, how you have used them! What a kid!

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