5 x 5 : Day Five – Going with the Flow


Finally, the ink is flowing again! I had a frustrating couple of weeks wondering why my pens were all choking on me.

It has been confirmed that the problem with all of my fountain pens was that the ink had dried up a bit. The little cardboard insert in the top of the LAMY ink bottle kept coming off every time I opened it, so maybe no matter how well I thought I tightened it, it wasn’t working. Bought a bottle of Parker ink for the first time and it’s working great. Such a relief! Because I do like to start most days writing by hand at least a little bit.

Hydra fixed the door so we could switch to a nice brushed nickel handle that matches the rest of the hardware in the guest bathroom.  Why didn’t this occur to me before?  Some stuff you just don’t see in your house until you do. Door is now painted a fresh Quail Egg white which matches the main rooms of the house.  Still need to put some artwork in there and figure out a pattern to paint the mirror frame.

So many times we in the States decorate like we’re going to sell the house next week, with no color at all. We watched The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel again last night and I was so jealous of all the color in the houses!


I applied the final coat of Mod Podge to the cover of my next writing notebook. I have used these amazing sturdy notebooks off and on for close to twenty years, I suppose. The past few years I’ve been using nice journals from bookstores, or most lately some spiral bound sketch books. I like the lack of lines, but I carry them around too much and the spirals start getting bent. This one is heavy, but I”m actually excited about getting back into it. Perfect paper.


Yes, I am playing this instrument!  It’s on loan from Janice and Andy, but reportedly LDub picked up a washboard for me at the hardware store in Fillmore last week. 😀

Spent some time practicing The Harmonistas’ mash up of Stephen Foster’s Hard Times Come Again No More and Hedy West’s Cotton Mill Girls this afternoon. As LDub pointed out, I come from a jazz vocals point of view, but I’ve learned to yodel and play the washboard for The Harmonistas.  We’ve all stretched as we’ve played and arranged together.

Think good thoughts for us as we compete at The Topanga Banjo/Fiddle Contest on Sunday!



Time to start harvesting the apricots!  I picked what I could and then shook the tree so that those up high fell to the ground. Some of them cracked open upon landing, so I cut them up and had them with supper. Most of them aren’t quite ripe enough to eat, but leaving them on the tree too long sometimes means the birds and squirrels get most of them.  The rabbits eat the ones that fall to the ground.




2 thoughts on “5 x 5 : Day Five – Going with the Flow

  1. Las Weezas says:

    I am yearning to know what that brand of notebook that you use? The same ones you’ve used for 20 years? For a long time I took the advice of Natalie Goldberg and used the cheap ones from Sav-On (at that time it was called that….. better than CVS, if you ask me) with cute cover pictures: unicorns, kittens, animated figures, dinausaurs, etc. etc. no end to the type of covers out there. from your buddy, Las Weezas.

    • Sundry says:

      I also sometimes write on yellow legal pads so things don’t feel too important. But I have all these old spiral notebooks that are getting really fragile.

      For a long time I could only find these National Brand Law Record notebooks at the bookstore near the law school at UCLA. When I heard that they might not be made anymore, we went over and bought 15 of them! (At $20 each, an investment)! I have three more in the closet, but I was kind of worried about not having them anymore, so I went to leather bound journals from bookstores, etc.

      Now they’re available online! http://www.amazon.com/National-Record-Burgundy-Inches-56907/dp/B002UP6DIQ/ref=sr_1_13?s=office-products&ie=UTF8&qid=1400347116&sr=1-13&keywords=national+brand

      They are heavy and have 300 numbered pages in them. It’s nice not to carry around such a heavy book, but it’s taking me back to days when I was writing things that felt important to me. I work on fiction and personal essay in them as well as journaling. Someone who found them might think I was pretty crazy!

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