Hospital Food for Herbivores

Hospital Food 1

A mini-primer for WFPB (whole foods plant based), vegetarian and vegan folks who find themselves laid up in the hospital. There are options!

Day One, the ubiquitous veggie burger.  I took the easy way out. Processed, but fairly satisfying even though there is probably not a whole grain in the brown wheat bun.  Fruit is nice. Fruit juice is not, as a doc later told me that juices and processed sugars and breads are terrific food for bacteria. They love it! It helps them grow in our bodies.

CAM00052 (2)

Day Two, nice salad. The menu lady was helpful in adding beans and a nice variety of veggies to the plate, along with a nice fruit cup and a weird white bread roll. Lemon for dressing. Funny that they brought bottled water when I was drinking loads of ice water from a little pink pitcher.

Breakfasts were the easiest.  Oatmeal and fruit, and they had soy milk.  It was one of the more additive-filled ones, but what are you gonna do? I like Westsoy original. Ingredients: Soy beans and water.

Hospital food yum

Day Three: Okay, now this was a real treat!  There was virtually no seasoning on the tofu, but taking a bite with the spicy potatoes was quite nice. And the carrots were just steamed with no oil!

I’d figured out by this time to ask what the choices were before saying I don’t eat meat or dairy.  That way rather than the helpful menu people skipping the description of the meat-meals I could ask for sides of the veggies included with them.

I wasn’t on a restricted diet, so Hydra could have brought in food for me. It was a long way from home, though, and in the best of circumstances it’s hard to find plant-based carry out food that’s not deep-fried. Felt good about sticking to my lifestyle, even though meat isn’t even tempting to me these days.



5 thoughts on “Hospital Food for Herbivores

  1. Sally, You could be a consultant! The hospitals could learn a lot from you about nourishing their patients with whole foods. Great post.

  2. Sundry says:

    I could get into that, Treacy!

  3. Las Weezas says:

    Good for you! Making sure you got what you needed!

  4. kitty says:

    Wow…that was very instructive (and your great pictures: perfect!), even for people straddling the line, like me. Treacy is so right… you’d make a wonderful consultant. Isn’t it fun to have options for the future?

    • Sundry says:

      That would be an interesting career change. If there are programs that support plant-based eating nutritional education, they must be available in the L.A. area. 😀

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