Jelly Jar Love


This is probably as good a moment as any to confess my susceptibility to food that comes packaged in jars that can later be used as glasses. Every time we go to Cost Plus World Market I have to swing through the grocery aisles to torture myself by looking at the imported goodies that come in reusable containers.  There’s this beer-mug shaped container of mustard that haunts my culinary dreams….

These are some recent examples of the type of thing I’m talking about. The tall glass in the back is from when pomegranate juice was first becoming a thing a few years ago. I stopped at the grocery on my way home from work, thirsty, and this glass was full of pomegranate juice. Virtually irresistible. It makes a great iced tea glass.

The two smaller glasses are from our trip to France in 2007. Kitty and I shared desserts in these glasses at the table of the apartment we rented in the Latin Quarter.

One was filled with tiramisu and the other contained a similarly puddingy/cakey concoction that had the word “madame” in it, I think. There were two of the larger ones, but one broke not too long ago. It’s the perfect size to use as a glass with a carafe of water.  (Yes, in French style, I sometimes use light colored wine bottles as carafes.)

Cheese jar

Image from the Internet.

I was surprised to find that these jars of flavored cream cheese are still being made today.  Seems like some variety of this stuff and/or that Hormel dried beef that came in similar jars was in our fridge when I was growing up. The jars were designed to be reused as juice glasses.

Anyone else like this sort of thing?



3 thoughts on “Jelly Jar Love

  1. Sandi says:

    I love saving glass jars and bottles. Now that I make a lot of my own condiments and plant milks, I am always looking for storage containers and I don’t like plastic. The old jelly jars always made the best juice glasses!

  2. Sundry says:

    Yes! I have a whole shelf of reusable glass jars. My husband thought it was really funny when he found a similar shelf in my mom’s pantry. He knows where I get it. They’re great for storing nuts, etc.

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