(Cast) Iron Man


We went to an antiques mall over the weekend–yes! an outing!–and I found this little cast iron man tucked away in a booth full of steam-punk upcycled objects.  (Mostly old projectors turned into lamps.)  I love the weight of this guy in my hand.

I even kind of love that someone along the line painted his face and hands. This would make him less valuable to a collector or someone trying to reconstruct the bank/toy he was probably a part of.  I imagine some little girl concentrating hard on making the little line of the mouth, and I like it better for that. Oh, the scenarios he must have been a part of, playing a cowboy, a daddy, maybe even a musketeer!


Does this give an idea of scale? He’s about 5 1/2 inches tall.  He cost all of $5.00.  I mentioned to the cashier that our parrot, Dodger, is really into pushing things off of the counters to watch them break, and that at least this wouldn’t shatter. “You might be concerned about your tile floor, though,” she suggested.

Oh boy. Good thinking!


Iron man’s left foot clearly fit into a slot at some point. I suspect that he’s part of some replica bank because a rather large screw holds the two halves of his body together. It’s a bit inelegant, and I think they would have managed it a bit more artistically in the original…but then I’m not terribly familiar with iron banks and toys.

Anyway, he pleases me.



3 thoughts on “(Cast) Iron Man

  1. What a find! Have you given him a name?

  2. Sundry says:

    He hasn’t told me yet. 😉

  3. kitty says:

    How neat! You do find the greatest things. Love that you can imagine the little girl who did the painting!

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