I picked up this spoon at the antiques mall last weekend. The bowl is the same shape as the one I grew up with, though the pattern is different. It seems to me that most modern soup spoons are more oval. This is not a scientific opinion. Nor could I find confirmation on the Internet in a really simple search.

It’s probably crazy, but I think my cereal tastes better from this spoon.



4 thoughts on “Spooning

  1. seabluelee says:

    Our soup spoons when I was growing up had round bowls like this one. My current ones are oval, but to this day I feel like round is how they “should” be.

  2. kitwocky says:

    That looks like a classic (and quite lovely) soup spoon. Once upon a time, when people dined more formally, the round soup spoon was used just for the soup or bouillon course, while the “table spoon” (the bigger, oval one) was reserved for other things. Nowadays, people seem to just use the tea spoon and the table spoon and that’s it, losing out on all the pleasures of the personable soup spoon. Have fun, you two!

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