Having a Quail of a Time


Baby quail on our back patio with its mom.  Dad hung out on the roof of the garage to keep a look out, and these two poked around for about twenty minutes.  Surprising to see only one young ‘un trailing along behind.  This is the smallest we’ve ever seen in our yard.


Resting for a moment in the sun.  See the little tuft on her/his forehead where the top knot will develop?   This one is learning to scratch the ground.  S/he  accidentally scooted backward a couple of times instead of scratching.



Mom  got a couple of feet away while s/he wasn’t looking.  “Hey, Mom!”

Hydra scattered some seeds around the back of the shed so they don’t have to be quite so exposed.  Sure love seeing these critters.




5 thoughts on “Having a Quail of a Time

  1. kitty says:

    Oh this is priceless! You two have a little wildlife haven there!

  2. Sundry says:

    The baby is so tiny!

  3. kitwocky says:

    Most precious little baby ever. Love him/her.

  4. Lucky little baby with its mom. 🙂

  5. seabluelee says:

    So cute! Great shots.

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