Fruit Fetish


So we delved into color last night in the still life class. It was really challenging, but fun. So helpful to be in a workshop setting where there’s some guidance about color.

I’m not really happy about the colors here.  I mean, these are not the crayons I would have chosen. But I mixed ’em so I have to stand by them. It’s okay, I’m learning. 

I need to figure out something about how I’m using my brush strokes. I could see at the end of class that the others had done something different that I liked. My light transitions feel clunky to me. 

Do you like the way the apple in the bottom corner is sneaking up like a shark? Cue the Jaws soundtrack!

Rumor has it that next week we may shift to vegetables!



2 thoughts on “Fruit Fetish

  1. kitty says:

    hee hee…I hear the Jaws soundtrack!

  2. Sundry says:

    😀 Dum-dum…dum-dum….

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