Hydra and John York’s Guitar


Hydra playing John York’s 12-string guitar after Saturday night’s house concert.  How cool is that? House concerts are so much fun… always more intimate and relaxed. This one was particularly special for us.  Three other couples met us for dinner before, always good to have time to catch up.


We stayed after the concert and chatted. John and his wife, Sumi, are so cool and friendly. John played with The Byrds and many others over the years.

He and Barry McGuire (The Eve of Destruction) traveled all over the world with their wives as they performed a show called “Trippin’ the Sixties”  for the past eight years. It looks like Barry has retired from touring now, but John credited Janice with bringing hm and Barry together years ago for a house concert, and the rest, as they say, is history.

P1010224His instrumental breaks, like this one on Tambourine Man are always breathtaking. These days he also performs as part of the trio, The Jangle Brothers.  He does a wide variety of sixties material, his own originals, and amazing jazz pieces.

P1010215Gelencser House Concerts in Claremont is a great venue for concerts. We’ve been to several there and have always come away feeling so satisfied.

It was the Gelencsers’ wedding anniversary, so they performed The Rose before the concert got started. They played that song at their wedding!


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