Tehachapi for a Day


We drove about an hour northeast to Tehachapi today to go to an estate sale and just poke around the town. This landscape is, to me, quintessentially Californian: hills dotted with trees and exposed rocks. The sale was in a gated community called Bear Valley Springs. It’s the biggest, most sprawling gated community I’ve ever seen.  25,000 acres!

P1010310We both kind of fell in love with the estate sale house. For me, it was mostly because of this indoor pool. The whole outside wall is huge glass doors that open onto a hillsiide view of live oaks and scattered boulders. Wow. I could see music happening all over this place.

P1010327Cool vintage sign for a vintage motel that has apparently given up (according to the Trip Advisor reviews) in the face of competition with the three new hotels a short distance down Tehachapi Boulevard.

We talked to a couple of the artists at Gallery & Gifts where we both liked a lot of the pieces on display. We entered a raffle for some cool ceramics and might go back for their next art walk at the beginning of September. No further than LACMA, but the traffic’s better!


We were impressed with the way Tehachapi has handled its recent growth. The last time we stopped was at least five years ago, and it was kind of dismal. But they’ve revitalized their downtown without making it over to look fake or over glossy. There are all kinds of choices for food, including Mediterranean, Italian and Vietnamese.

There are murals around town, like the one above, that celebrate local history. Pretty cool. Here’s a link to more photos of Main Street Tehachapi Murals


We drove back through the wind farms on Tehachapi-Willow Springs Road. More interesting than the freeways. It was interesting to see how many more big turbines and solar farms are popping up. Not great, but better than strip mining. I wish we’d invest in putting more solar in urban areas. Lancaster, CA has a great program of putting up public car ports with solar panels on top of them. That’s the way to go!


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