Food Focus


So yeah, I was cutting up fruit for a big fruit salad, and this happened.


 And then this.


It reminded me how Silvina, the still life teacher I’ve been taking a workshop with, talks about choosing a focal point for our compositions, something that we want to make pop, that will draw the eye.  I’ve become instinctively aware of this in photography, especially in close ups with this 1.8 lens.

Somehow, the concept sunk in while cutting and shooting fruit.  It’s wonderful how different creative endeavors play off of one another.


I took shots of this with both more and less of the bowl included. I liked the one with no bowl showing a lot, but somehow the context is important, too.

Context and focus happen somehow  in literature, too.  How else is it that the tiny detail we need to remember at the end of the book springs back to mind when the author conjures it? A touch of light in the phrase, a touch of color?


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