Happy Plate


Today I finally took the leap and tried one of the many tofu scramble recipes out there.  This is from The Happy Herbivore Light & Lean by Lindsay S. Nixon.  I don’t know what took me so long!  This was super simple. Didn’t even press the tofu, just crumbled it. This time I’m enjoying it plain with fresh avocado, heirloom tomatoes and TJ’s European Style Whole Grain Bread (which is like tender whole grains miraculously held together in a toast-able slice. Mmm.)

Funny, my friend BMill and I just yesterday confessed to each other our mutual passion for a broad supply of spices. It was great to have cumin and tumeric in the cupboard when I needed it this morning. That wouldn’t have been the case a couple of years ago.

As some of you know, I got serious about eating a plant-based whole food approach to eating earlier this year. I’ve learned a lot and found new favorite foods. Lost weight, lowered my cholesterol and got off of blood pressure meds I’d been on for  decades.

The only really hard part is eating out. Not a lot of choice, almost always a compromise (I try to avoid added oils.) But less eating out is good for the budget in the long run! Spending the money I save on new, smaller clothes.





6 thoughts on “Happy Plate

  1. seabluelee says:

    Good for you! I’d like to follow your example. That looks delicious. Is that a Franciscan apple plate?

  2. Sundry says:

    Yes, it’s a Franciscan apple plate! I grew up using them for special occasions. We use them everyday.

    There are some great resources out there. The movie and book, Forks Over Knives http://www.forksoverknives.com/ and especially the Facebook group ForksOverKnivesSupport2 have been really helpful. Also the Engine 2 Diet books, which are based on the same ideas, have a lot of great tips and recipes. http://engine2diet.com/

    I started out with the idea of a 28-day trial, which made it seem doable, and by the end my tastes had changed a lot.

  3. kitty says:

    Heh! I didn’t know those plates had a name! Neat. Love your idea about how to spend the saved money! 🙂

  4. Sundry says:

    There are so many ways to spend the savings! 😀

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