All the Fruit That’s Fit to Tart!


Or, all the fruit that fits in the tart…?

Tonight was supposed to be our last night of the 8 week still life class, so Silivina gave us the challenge of doing multiple fruits. Bonus!  We each had our own tart to work from and we got to bring them home with us!

This leaves a lot to be desired, but I actually had a few moments of excitement when I worked on the blackberries and the blueberries and felt like I managed an effect I liked.

I still need to LOOSEN UP and not try to go for such definite lines..or something.


All the paintings so far. I missed one week, so there are only seven. I like the leeks and the lemons the best.

Like I said, it was supposed to be an 8-week class, but we workshop members are not ready to stop, so we’re going on through October at least.


6 thoughts on “All the Fruit That’s Fit to Tart!

  1. Las Weezas says:

    OMG! That is beautiful ! Yours, and all of them together! The colors are lushes. (sp?)

  2. seabluelee says:

    I love the leeks. They’re still my fave.

  3. Nice work. What are your plans now? Will you take another class at some point?

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