Don’t Squash the Parrot!


Had another fun night in the still life workshop. This time Silvina cut open a kabocha squash. Lovely!

The slice was originally waaaay too small. It’s still a little smaller than it should be, but I was actually able to make it bigger without messing everything up. That’s part of the learning process. (Also learning to plan a bit better in the layout!)

Oops! Photobombed by a certain African Grey!


3 thoughts on “Don’t Squash the Parrot!

  1. JJones says:

    I hope you hang these colorful pictures of yours in the kitchen or dining area of your house.

  2. kitty says:

    Dodger managed to get in the shot, didn’t he? Or was that your idea? Anyway I like it! And yes, I agree with JJones!

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