Encounter with a Shape-Shifter



The other day Hydra met up with a young man sitting on one of the cairns Hydra built on “my” mountain.  The man sat very straight in lotus position. He had a cola and a beer with him at 7 a.m.  They spoke and Hydra moved on.

A few days later, Hydra approached the hill and saw the young man sitting there, looking to the east as the sun rose before him.  As Hydra approached, young man rose, spread his wings, and flew away.

Either that, or it was this Golden Eagle.

Sorry the photo is not better, but it was taken from our driveway, at quite a distance.


Hydra near the cairn, to give you some perspective.


The eagle in flight. I didn’t get a shot of it rising because I was distracted by some other pretty little birds.


This finch, for example.


And then these finches. Trying to share.


I realized that the eagle had taken flight only when the ravens took off, complaining.


Hummer in the morning light.  There’s a lot to think about.


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