Papaya in Progress


Work in progress.  Silvina recommends that we stop and take a cell phone shot along the way because it can help us see what we’re doing in a different way.

This was a challenging set up!  Papaya with all those gorgeous seeds inside, and glass for the first time!


Another shot along the way. Note the difference between the salt shaker in this shot and the last one.


I could use a lot more than 3 hours with this subject!  The salt shake is not really good, but at least it looks more like the salt shaker looked as it sat not three feet from me.

It’s amazing how you have to train your brain to actually train your brain to transfer what you actually see rather than what you think you know about an object!  I was feeling really good about the salt shaker in the second shot, but it wasn’t at all representative of the object in front of me.

I suppose we all do this a lot in life…see the form we expect to see rather than the thing or person who is right in front of us. Ah, humans.

I took a cell phone shot of the set up and it looked amazing. This stuff was in a box again, to create the dramatic shadows.

“See?” I said, “That’s what I like about photography.  I could have done this three hours ago and been done with it!”


6 thoughts on “Papaya in Progress

  1. kitty says:

    Oh boy! How interesting. Great to see the difference s in the work as you moved along! Really, I love the finished project.

  2. kitty says:

    ….plus, typically funny remark about photography to close! ha 😉

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