Turnips : Full Disclosure



It has taken me a while to post this painting of turnips and a bowl from last week’s class. I was not feeling it, and I don’t like this one. I mean, the only thing I do like about it are the parts that SD helped me with, really.

It was a bowl and turnips on some wonderfully textured burlap-ish fabric. Honestly, it was overwhelming. I felt defeated right from the start.

It might have been partly my state of mind–busy work day, but then I’ve been refreshed by the class in the past– but it might also have been overload. I mean, the papaya, glass and limes were a bit too much to do in three hours last week, and this was just mind boggling for little old me.

The other person in the class is much more advanced than I am and I think it’s good to set up things that challenge her, but next time I see something like this, I think I’m gonna drop back and kick some turnip butt rather than try to do all of it.  I was working on a stripe that went through the fabric, but I had to just blend it all out, and didn’t have time to get any subtlty into the whole painting.

Live and learn…one’s limits, sometimes!


4 thoughts on “Turnips : Full Disclosure

  1. kitty says:

    Very brave of you to post this, feeling the way you do about it! But I see the burlap in the fabric above the bowl, and the turnips themselves are really great…I’d like a slice of one with a little salt right now! And the bowl’s done well, too…just think “abstract-ish” a little!

  2. It’s great that you’re challenging yourself! And I love the idea of “kicking turnip butt “

  3. Sundry says:

    The poor turnips at the market the other day…They had no idea why I was sizing them up with such a calculated eye!

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