Glass Half Full


I’d vowed to myself that whatever the set up was last week, I’d take the easy way out and just paint the produce.  There was little opportunity to cop out, however.

Scotch and roses!  (Well, actually apple juice as a stand in for the scotch.)  I probably should have stuck with the whiskey glass, but I gave the white roses a try.  Interesting challenge.

This was the last workshop I’ll attend at least until after the holidays. Things are usually busy around the holiday’s and this year’s especially complicated. I’m pulling back from a few committments in order to give better attention to the things I am doing.  I’m taking an unexpected trip to Indiana for the memorial and Thanksgiving.

I hope to make time to paint on my own soon. The persimmons are flirting with me, I swear to you!





2 thoughts on “Glass Half Full

  1. JJones says:

    It’s a little abstract but I like it that way. It reminds me of a Hemingway based moment.

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