Woolies Lives!


We drove out to Bakersfield a couple of weekends ago, for Basque food and to poke around the junk shops. There are a couple of areas of 19th Street that have clusters of antiques shops. We hadn’t been to this one before. Nice to see them celebrating the old place!

It’s now officially called Five & Dime Antiques Mall.


There’s a working diner inside. Looks like they serve classic diner food at the Woolworth Diner. But, as I said, we were on our way to The Wool Growers for lunch. Still Wooly!

I just get the set up, which is very filling. Family style cabbage soup, beans, salsa, lettuce salad, tomato salad, bread. All very simple and delicious!


Three floors of old stuff at the Five & Dime. I neglected to take a photo of the terrazo stairs. They really reminded us of what it must have been like to pass from floor to floor when this place was in its hey day.





2 thoughts on “Woolies Lives!

  1. How fun! I miss five-and-dime stores.

    • Sundry says:

      Me too! It was the highlight of many a Saturday to go wandering through Schultz’s Five & Dime in Columbia City, IN with a couple of quarters in my pocket. My sister bought me a notebook and pen there and proceeded to give me writing lessons.

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