Under the Spreading Live Oak Tree


We first saw Andreas Martin de Campo’s work at Sherwood Florist in Claremont at least two years ago. We finally brought this 20″ x 26″ piece home and hung it in the peak of our garage. A lot of people in our neighborhood have sun faces or moon faces, and we like those, but also liked the idea of doing something a little different.

I think of this as a live oak tree, like those which grace Kenney Grove Campground. We spend  many musical hours each year under their shade.



See how 3-D it is? And iridescent, but not crazy-iridescent!


Right now there’s shade on it a lot of the day, but the long afternoons of summer will really show it off.

Check out more of de Campo’s work at iUnique Art. Trust us, there are many smaller pieces, like ours, that are quite affordable.



4 thoughts on “Under the Spreading Live Oak Tree

  1. JJones says:

    It looks nice up there. Don’t you love it when you run across something that adds so much?

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