Rhapsody in Chicago


The obligatory shot of the passage between United terminals at Chicago O’Hare. I still love this thing!

I have a four hour layover here today, so I did some laps around this. I should mention that a jazzy version of “Rhapsody in Blue” plays in this hall.

Favorite overheard thing today: young girl exclaiming with excitement, entirely in French, over the automatic toilet seat covers (a fresh one rotates onto the seat when you wave your hand in the right place.)

Interesting juxtaposition of carefree gaggles of college hockey players and impossibly young looking men in U.S. Navy sailor suits. At first I thought one Navy man was a late trick-or-treater, he was so baby-faced. I’ve seen a couple of sailors approached by men in their forties or fifties and asked about their service, and thanked. They seem a bit bewildered by their celebrity status.


4 thoughts on “Rhapsody in Chicago

  1. RuthG says:

    wish I could have come out & hung with you for a bit!

  2. joan says:

    You obviously make the most of your travels—always noting the beautiful and the interesting. Love it!

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