Scenes From a Feast


Well, anyway, a couple of scenes. This is my contribution (along with an Thai peanut cole slaw) to the feast. I adapted some stuffing mix to make a vegan dressing. Didn’t have any veg stock, so I cooked up about a pound of mushrooms with lots of garlic, onion and celery. Added water to make the needed amount of stock. I kind of loved it!

Note the bumps on the lid of the pan. DBeans tells me that that’s to keep condensation from messing up cornbread if cooked in this pan.

P1010679This pan, by the way, with its modern vegan stuffing, was made by my maternal grandfather, Burle Best, in the foundry where he worked. He brought one home for his wife and both of his daughters. I love it!

(Note that Kitty also has a red tea pot on her stove.)

P1010685The loverly little vegan pumpkin pudding my fabulous sister Pegerty made for me. She also made a couple of regular pies and a sugar free pumpkin pudding for her hubby. She had two kinds of soup and a huge pile of roasted veggies waiting for me when I arrived in Indiana. We feasted for days.

P1010689The fabulous hosts of our family Thanksgiving this year.  AR and DBeans made it a comfortable, welcoming gathering with great food. Vegetarian, except for the turkey. The gravy AR made was astonishing.


Let the games begin!  Back at Pegerty’s for some Aquire while the next generation cleans up. This getting older thing has some benifitis.


2 thoughts on “Scenes From a Feast

  1. Yum! What a lovely family gathering! The togetherness, delicious food, family history, and board games — could it get any better?

  2. DeeAnna says:

    Happy Holidays Sally. Enjoy and keep writing.

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