Cousin Cuisine


Can’t you just hear “Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy” playing in your head?  This is Kitty’s cousin Charlie when she was in the Women’s Army Corps during World War II. As you can imagine, Charlie’s younger cousin thought she was the bee’s knees.


This is Charlie with the man she knew during the war.  They lost track of each other. Fifty years later, after Charlie’s husband passed away, they found each other and married. They had more than a decade together late in life.


Charlie’s best buddy, whose name I forget. She loves having her belly rubbed. Clearly.


Visiting family is one of the great things about going back to Indiana, of course. Charlie and Kitty, still proud of one another.


After our visit, we went to lunch. We tried Loving Cafe in Fort Wayne,  which my cousin CShill recommended. It’s vegan!  The menu includes a lot of dishes that use textured soy protein (meat flavored vegan meat substitutes.)

The food was very good, but his pistachio mushroom soup was truly exquisite. If I lived nearby, this would be on my regular rotation. Wow. I’d probably try all of their soups–and they have several on the menu–but I can’t imagine anything could be better than this.




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