Some Gifts Can’t Wait


Like these fuzzy slippers. I was looking for some with the flexible soles these have. Found them at Bed Bath & Beyond.

Hydra is not making me wait to wear them.  The fabulously soft purple robe from Macy’s? Already wearing that, too!


4 thoughts on “Some Gifts Can’t Wait

  1. kitwocky says:

    Ooh, I need new slippers, too. These would do the trick! Fun.

  2. TanyaW says:

    Hey, I bought these a while ago and I’ve worn them to bits. I wondering if you remembered the brand or if yours still had the tags on them? Thank you!

    • Sundry says:

      Sorry so long in replying. I am pretty sure we bought them at Bed Bath & Beyond. Just checked the tag, and all it says is how to wash them…no brand name! 😦 Good luck! Mine now have duct tape on the soles where I wore holes through them, but they are too comfy to give up just yet.

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