Mission : The Lightshow at the Mission Inn

DSC_6964 We went down to see the lights on the Mission Inn in Riverside last weekend, and stayed over with our friends Johnnie and Elly in a nearby town.  Lovely to walk around the streets and see the lights and the horse drawn carriages.

DSC_6972It’s a very large hotel… I think the grounds take up a whole city block! Kind of sad that they’ve had to shut off the grounds to the general public. Last time we were here, we were able to wander at will. But it’s become quite renowned, and I imagine that the guests of this pricey place do deserve to appreciate it without a lot of competition.

DSC_6956Love the palm trees!  So tall and elegant!

DSC_6998Goofing around in the middle of the street.

DSC_7003A broader view of the street scene on the back side of the inn.


We walked around and built up quite an appetite by the time we were seated at Bella Trattoria, which is attached to the inn.

Spent a lovely evening after with the guys playing music, and Elly and I chatting. Drove back in the morning after a relaxed breakfast. Really nice getaway!  Such great hosts!


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