Bird in the Hand


This little bird crashed into one of the windows and was lying stunned on the sidewalk when Hydra went out to look. It doesn’t happen often, luckily.

Not sure what kind she is. I think she has a little crest.  Anyone have an idea?  My awkward Google searching wasn’t helpful!


Hydra put her on the front porch of this bird house.  A few hours later she was gone. Hope she’s okay!


7 thoughts on “Bird in the Hand

  1. kitwocky says:

    That looks like a Cedar Waxwing! Glad she’s okay.

  2. Gorgeous visitation from that little stunned bird. I guessed cedar waxwing, too.

    • Sundry says:

      I just love the name! So romantic, somehow. We have pretty house finches, too, but when someone asks what they are and I tell them, the response is usually a somewhat disappointed, “Ohhh.”

      Still pretty, even with such a common sounding name!

  3. 1jannyw says:

    Your little bird looks to be a cesar waxwing.

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