The Road Less Traveled


Was feeling pretty good the other afternoon, so I clipped on the Fitbit Zip and took off for downtown Acton. It’s about 2 1/2 miles, I think.

This is not the road less traveled. This is Soledad Canyon Road. Fairly busy for our area.

When I came to the railroad crossing, right before Aliso Canyon Road, I was thinking, “Hmm. Maybe I should walk along the tracks.”


Then this!!

Well, actually, the crossing lights and guard arms came down first, right beside me. Just about jumped out of my skin.

So yeah, the path between the tracks and the road will do nicely thank you.


Kind of a nice view coming up to these trees.


Never would have seen this roadside memorial if I hadn’t been walking the path/wash.

P1010960The quail may pass, but not I. Having just experienced how qiuckly those Metrolink trains come out of the blue, I opted to go up and over.


A bit of a climb up this chunk of leftover hillside.


See how there’s a little green on the path?  Still feeling the impact of the rains a few weeks ago!


What!?  There’s a donkey on the other side of the road!


Can you see the donkey? Near the edge of the brown cutout on the left, just below the horizon line. An arrow would be helpful here. Do I have an arrow? No, I don’t.


View from the top of the little spur, looking more or less toward downtown. Downtown is ahead and to the right.


Found this nice piece of quartz on the roadside.

Hydra came to pick me up before I was all the way downtown, but I had him go on to the post office so I could meet him there. So close to my goal!  And I probably won’t want to repeat this exact route very soon.

I might try the wash next time, though!


4 thoughts on “The Road Less Traveled

  1. What a nice ramble! Wonderful photos. Do tell how the donkey came to be there, if you know. . . .

    • Sundry says:

      I think it belongs to one of the couple of houses on the ridge behind that shot. It was so calm that I had to watch for a while to determine whether it was real or not. Yes, in our town, people have been known to add life-sized and life-like animal statues on their property. This one finally moved its head and flickered an ear. It didn’t seem distressed.

  2. joan says:

    What a nice hike you took! Wish I’d been there to tag along! Love the pictures. Do I see something like a rope with the donkey? Is he tethered?

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