“Pony. Pony. Pony.”


I think the caption on this one (I photographed the photograph more than a year ago) says something like, “Sundry, deciding what to wish for.”

This is probably less indecision and more fierce determination. With maybe some praying thrown in.

I love all the stuff in the shot. Pegerty playing with a Slinky. What’s that say on her sweatshirt?

The Weaving Loom!  I loved that thing. Hotpads for everyone!

What the heck was in that bowl? It looks very liquid. I’d almost guess cucumber salad but in January, in the sixties?  Probably not!

Just realized this last trip home that the special apple plates weren’t the Franciscan ones I have in my house now, but… oh my, where’d I write that down?

Welcome to the mid-fifties, kiddo.


5 thoughts on ““Pony. Pony. Pony.”

  1. Anna hines says:

    The portable dish washer behind you.yYour lucky Mom!
    And you did get a pony!

    • Sundry says:

      Yeah, a few years later, pony time! That’s actually the clothes dryer. The dishwasher went over by where the phone was attac
      hed to the wall. 😀 Working kitchen!

  2. kitwocky says:

    The mystery bowl looks like oatmeal or some other hot cereal, but that would be odd party food. Applesauce? Hmmm….

  3. Or maybe everyone had to eat “real” food first, before cake, and it’s soup? This is a wonderful remembrance of your January birthday, Sally. Does your sister recollect what the sweatshirt said? xxoo

  4. joan says:

    Good call, Anna…it is the dishwasher! See the double light switch by the back door? …and the gleam on the doorknob? (I thought it was the dryer at 1st too) Wall phone’s just out of the pic. to the left. My plates say “handpainted-underglaze, Blue Ridge Southern Potteries, Inc.” A gift from your dad, our 2nd Christmas, 1950. Really a great photo, huh? So many memories. How about the expression on Pegerty’s face…perfect reflection of how everyone in the family felt about you! And still do. Our own perfect little person. Mystery Question… What’s in the bowl?

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