A Little Santa Ynez


We aren’t really used to this much green in Southern California.  Traveled to the Santa Ynez Valley to spend the weekend with The Harmonistas and spouses, and this is what greeted us.

Nice drive up there. No traffic issues. Wow. Arrived around 11 a.m.


Entrance to the house we stayed in. It’s being rennovated right now and will be a vacation rental house. Thanks to LDub’s daughter, who works for the very interesting man who owns it, we were able to stay here for the long weekend!


We went to the Chumash Casino with Janice & Andy because we each received $50.00 in promotional cash for signing up for a membership card. None of us are gamblers, so we were just very happy to cash out any time we were ahead. I left with $23.10 and Hydra with $78 and some change.

Of course, I’d have lost $27.00 if I were playing with my own money. Which I wasn’t. And wouldn’t. Because I try to be a gracious loser in foot races and board games, I’m a lousy loser when it comes to this sort of thing. It would have stressed me out beyond any sense of fun if I had been playing with my money.

As it was, it was fun to goof around for an hour and a half or so.


This cool door knob thing was the only photo I took in Solvang this time around.  It was on a shop door.

We two couples went to the very small Hans Christian Andersen Museum in Solvang. (LDub and Weezy were to arrive later in the day.) Hydra, Kitty and I were last here in 2008, and there are a couple of pictures of the museum from then on this previous post.  It’s inside a book store. Cozy!


Later in the evening, when everyone was there, they surprised me with a vegan birthday cake!  It was so tasty!

We hung out and played a board game called Imaginiff. One of those that’s more about laughs and getting to know each other than real competition. Though Andy did win!


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