La Purisima Mission – Lompoc, CA


One can almost imagine the person leaning into it, making the marks on this bell from La Purisima Mission. The mission was founded in 1787. I’ll let you click on that link if you want more history!

This one is great because it’s still in the countryside. Many of the missions have been the centerpiece of growing communities and are surrounded by cities today.

The newish interpretive center here is very good. It has an interesting time line display that mixes artifacts with artist’s renditions. I’m a sucker for oral history, and long for the sensible Works Progress Administration and Civilian Conservation Corps projects that helped build, record or restore so many culturally significant elements of the U.S. My favorite part of the center was the video of old men talking about their experiences in the CCC, restoring the mission.



Weezy has a moment with a longhorn steer.  When it swung its head around, slowly and gently, we moved!


I was surprised at how many buildings there were at the mission. It was really quite a campus!


I like our kitchen back at the house better!


Lots of room under the porticos.


We were there at the perfect moment to catch this little ray of light gracing oe of the rooms.

DSC_7115The ever-important water source!  Lots of work went into this.

DSC_7116It continues toward a cistern. Yes, I am standing in the trench.


Very large cistern!


As we walked through this passageway we noticed the acoustics were really good. We did “The Longest Time” and “Lollipop.”  Every so often, a smiling face would pop up at one end or the other.


Harmonistas and some husbands!  Middle of a great weekend of hanging out!





One thought on “La Purisima Mission – Lompoc, CA

  1. Great pictures, especially the first one of the bell. I’ve never been to La Purisima Mission but it reminds me of Mission San Miguel because of its rural surroundings.

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