How a Mug Might Move You


They don’t make ’em like this any more! 

This was some cutting-edge mug design back in the early eighties.  See the wide base?  It has a skid-resistant material on the bottom, so it won’t slide around on your dash board.

That’s right kids, when I was first in college, there were no cupholders in our cars. Oh, you could buy flimsy plastic holders that hooked onto the base of your window, but they were a mess, always pulling loose, sagging, etc.

Today I was trying to make some more room in the mug cupboard when came across this relic.

I thought, “Oh, I’ll never use this again. I can get rid of this.”

And then I had a little pang of nostalgia.  Gets me every time. I am drinking coffee out of it as I type this.

One frosty sub-zero morning, I crunched through the frozen snow to our 1976 Chevy Nova (don’t laugh, it had such a great engine!) with this mug in my hands. All ready to drive to school.  Feeling pretty smart and happy that I could take my coffee with me. Such a novelty!

I slid into the seat, snugged the mug onto the dashboard, and before I could get the key in the ignition, I heard a pop.  Right in front of my eyes, the windshield cracked in both directions from the little column of steam emitting from the mug. You can hear it in your mind, just like I can in my memory. Like ice cracking on a lake.

Not long after this, Hydra and I decided to haul all our stuff to Los Angeles and see for ourselves what not having to deal with sub-zero temperatures might be like.  We enjoyed it. A lot.  Still do.

Thanks, mug.



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